2 shade

In December 2016, the unusual balance between the art of manufacturing and the technical expertise of specialized workers permit FLY3 to invent the ‘’2shade’’ patent. ‘’2 shade’’ has been realised for the production of Seamless, Reversible and Bicolor sweaters and makes each knit unique in the market.

Thanks to these features, each garment has 2 souls: the same sweater can be used in the office or on the week end; it can be water-repellent for outdoor use or in cotton for indoor use; it can finally be in two different colours.


A special treatment that makes the garments resistant to the elements and breathable.

The use of precious wools on one side combined with comfortable cottons on the other allows the use of knitwear in all weather conditions.

The perfect synergy between the treatment and quality of the yarns guarantees water repellency for outdoor use and achieves pleasant results in the fit of the garment.

Navy Fly

The love for the sea with its intense and deep shades has always inspired the search for a unique and intense shade to connote the NAVY FLY.

Pigment of natural origin, in the past called “overseas natural” due to its areas of origin, it was said that the pigment came from the “beyond the sea”, the blue colour has remarkable brilliance and purity of tone, of exceptional stability in the light and of an excellent colouring power.

Having become the distinctive trait of FLY garments, the NAVY proposed in all its nuances remains unique in its essence and in its recipe, the FLY one, almost becoming a new pantone point: the NAVY FLY.