FLY3 is founded – after gaining experience in his father’s company, Luciano Bilancioni, inspired by his passion for sailing, conceives a water-repellent, superwash and anti-pilling yarn. With the aid of expert knitters, he updates several handmade processes to create a unique sailor-style knitwear collection.
1981 – The range is enlarged – “Flytex,” the new waterproof and breathable fabric is introduced, while the typical approach based on quality, technicality and sobriety is applied to jackets, shirts, trousers and accessories.
1983 – I.W.S. Award – the Pure Virgin Wool Secretariat grants Fly3 the award for best manufacturer of superwash yarns: from this moment on, each Fly3 item - whether sweater, cap or shoe - becomes machine washable.
The Archetipi line is launched – beside the continuous evolution of its products, some items remain unaltered and are thus named “Archetipi” (i.e. “archetypes”): the materials and handmade processes will remain unchanged until 2008.
1989 –“Fusion” is launched – after 10 years of very dry and water-repellent wool, constantly striving to achieve greater comfort, the company launches the combination of wool on the outside with cotton on the inside. This way will lead blending cashmere, cotton, bamboo and hemp. By dyeing the sweater, an unusual “Fusion” effect is achieved.
1993 - Fly3 has always paying attention to ecology and environment. Fly3 adopt this philosophy in every business procedure. Since the firsts years Fly3 denies plastic and uses natural material even for the packaging (with payoff “Let’s save the see). Every garment is machine washable and realized with natural fibers.
1998 - CASHMIROSA. In partnership with Zegna Baruffa, FLY3 decides to blend cashmere and viscose to create practical, lightweight sweaters with functional fits. Machine washable, as always.
Following several attempts over the years trying to lighten its sweaters maintaining the charme of the “Archetipi”, the company achieves, by introducing the HI-TEX technology,
to reach Weatherly patent. The result is a sweater lightweight, reversible and seamless,
withwool on one side, cotton on the other. A limited edition in cashmere and cotton
follows the year after.
2008 - By adopting the 'For all seasons' concept, nowadays Fly3 also produces sweaters with SOFTLY - a mixture of cashmere, cotton and bamboo - that boast excellent features: besides being breathable, antibacterial and UV-resistant, they are extremely soft and bestow a unique, relaxing feeling
Owing to the continuous development of the Hi-tex technology, the company redesigns all of its Archetipi making them lightweight, reversible and seamless.