• The historic Marino's wool consisting of custom Merino's wool that has been specially treated to make it a weatherproof, superwash (i.e. machine washable) and anti-pilling wool. Despite these treatments, the yarn remains with a pleasant touch.

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  • 100% New Zealand mercerized Merino. A combed yarn, with a fibre specially treated to obtain a yarn with a silkier, cleaner look with a soft, natural hand.
    The New Zealand Merino Company, through the Zque trademark, guarantees that the fibre meets the standards of excellence and has been developed to the highest standards of animal husbandry. The passion and care for Zque Merino sheep have been handed down from generation to generation, as have the breeding and shearing techniques. All fibres come from Merino sheep that are not mulesed. The utmost respect for the environment, the utmost respect for the animals.

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  • For over 20 years Fly3 has been combining water-repellent wool on the outside with cotton on the inside using special processing techniques, in order to prevent the dry wool from being into contact with the skin and to ensure even more comfortable garments.

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  • A limited-number series of Weatherly: Marino's wool is replaced by the best available cashmere combined with special melange cotton to create a unique garment suitable for all seasons.

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  • Natural fibre of cashmere cotton and bamboo with extraordinary features:

    • A structure consisting of micro-cavities that helps to keep the heat in while ensuring breathability.
    • It contains honey pectin which makes it resistant to UV rays.
    • It guarantees stability, resistance to creasing and prevents pilling even after repeated washes
    • Soft and flowing to the touch, the sweaters show a subdued chromatic sheen that yields a refined effect.